New Diner Mug from #Froehlichs. #PureMichigan (at Three Oaks, Michigan)

Relish Life! (at Froehlich’s)

Apple Cinnamon Donuts are to die for. #ADayOfGluttony (at County Line Orchard)

Pleasant House Brewing Company at Royal Pies. #Beer (at Three Oaks, MI)

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month! #thinkpink #bcam (at Bowtruss Coffee Roasters)

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness! #thibkpink (at Bowtruss Coffee Roasters)

DIPA. OG 1.078 FG ~1.012 8.9% ABV (at Eight33 Ale Works)

3.5 oz of Simcoe, Columbus & Centennial ready for dry hopping. #Homebrew (at Eight33 Ale Works)

Black Dog Schwarzbier (Black Beer) #Homebrew (at Eight33 Ale Works)

Hot Liquor Tank #Homebrew (at Eight33 Ale Works)